5 Reasons to Live in Florida

Are you tired of the cold air, or the dry skin that comes with living in the west? What about the tornadoes of the central states, or the frustrating weather patterns in the east? If you want to move away to a place that seems to be a comforting, relaxing environment year-round, consider moving to Florida. It’s more than a destination for tourists, Florida is home to a number of great companies to work for, and it has a ton of amazing places to live. Here are five reasons why you need to live in Florida.


5 Reasons to Live in FloridaCost of Living

While the big houses and amazing beaches may have you fooled that Florida living will cost you a fortune, the cost of living is actually quite affordable. Take a look at cities like Orlando to other major cities in the United States to see the difference in price. The cost is almost half the price of the major cities like New York and San Francisco. There are some awesome Fortune 500 Companies in Florida that you can work for as well, making your cost of living expenses affordable.



One of the biggest reasons to move to Florida is for the climate. If you are a warm-weathered person, the climate of Florida is calling your name. You will be able to enjoy a year-round sunny environment that rarely has a day below 60 degrees. It provides you with relief from achy joints if you commonly suffer from them in the cold weather. It can also help to boost the way you feel each day if you find that you suffer from seasonal depression. The nice sunny weather can keep you in a happy mood year-round.



Thanks to the large tourist attractions in Florida, there are some great restaurants and awesome places to enjoy. You can enjoy great shopping in Florida along with some fun theme parks. Going away on a vacation only needs to be a matter of minutes versus hours or days. There are immaculate beaches to enjoy with surfing and other fun activities. The exceptional nightlife allows you to enjoy live shows and other entertainment.



There are so many places to live in Florida that you might find yourself overwhelmed. Take some time to check out the various cities before you do settle down. Try living in the Destin, FL, Long Term Rentals to see if you enjoy this area and if you can see yourself living here for a long time. Rentals are great as you get all the enjoyment of living in a home without all the worry of a homeowner.



Florida is known for being a friendly state. There are plenty of social events you can attend to meet new people or to find others that have similar hobbies.

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