The Online Store Prodcuts

shopBlack River Imaging was established in the year 1971 first as Dameron Color labs in Springfield Missouri changing the name to what it is known as today in 2008. In forty-four years, it has grown into a trusted brand providing outstanding, classy, full suite press and photographic products ranging from cards and stationery which include greeting cards, business cards, notepads and envelopes to personalized gifts which include printed iPhone cases and dog tags to wall décor such as canvas prints, to photo albums and photographic prints available for online ordering. Products as customized as per customer specifications and the job carried out by different coordinated teams handling different tasks ranging from leadership to customer service to ordering and shipping to production that makes their operations faster and more efficient.

Black River Imaging allows persons with accounts to shop for their favorite products select from options and add these items to a cart either directly online from their website or from desktop applications such as SportsPix which are rapidly developed by their IT department. Items are displayed to allow the shopper to view and compare. From the most popular and commonly ordered items, there are twenty six different product combinations referred to as “lab packs” categorized as Y and Z packs which contain are identical save for the pro designs in the Y pack that are absent in the Z-pack. Each pack costs four dollars, and additional items can be added at a special discounted rate of between 15-75%. For additional items, quantity discounts apply.

Production after placing orders takes between two and four days for most items. Black River Imaging offers both domestic and international shipping where rates are based on both weight and destination of the order with import taxes, customs duty and levy tax being applied to international orders. International packages can happen to delay due to customs while crossing borders but take an average of 8 to 10 business days whereas domestic packages take an average of between 2 and ten business days depending on destination. Payment can be made via credit cards including American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. PayPal is also included as a payment method on their site.

Not only do they offer reward points for every dollar spent as part of a loyalty program but also have special promotions giving discounts on products that one can be notified of by joining their mailing list. The reward points can be redeemed (spent) during checkout. Additionally, Black River Imaging products have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and a customer who is not happy with a product will have it replaced at zero cost. Due to customization of products, order cancellation has to be done before printing.

Getting Ready for Bikini Season

beach-girlsAs the warmer months approach, so does some women’s overwhelming sense of anticipation for bikini season. Warm weather means days on the beach or by the water enjoying the sunshine with friends and family. However, if you packed on a few extra pounds through the winter months, this may be met with a sense of dread, instead of excitement.  Take heart, you still have a few months to shed those unwanted extra pounds and be bikini ready in no time.

Diversify your Workouts

You need to implement a training program that includes both cardio exercises, as well as weight training. This is the best way to shed excess pound quickly. Also, if you are working with a limited time frame you should try to participate in some sort of physical activity daily, as this is the best chance you have for meeting any last minute weight loss goals you may have.

Diet Smartly

While it may seem appealing for you to go on a crash diet to quickly lose unwanted pounds, this can actually have the opposite effect. If you reduce your caloric intake by a drastic amount your body will go into “starvation” mode, which will make you incapable of losing any weight, no matter how much you work out. Instead, you need to focus on eating healthy meals and snacks five to six times a day, rather than focusing on large meals two or three times a day.

Shop Early

Go shopping for your bikini or swimsuit early in the season. By doing this you are much more likely to find one that flatters your current body shape. This means that even if you are unable to lose all of the weight you have put on, the bathing suit you select will help camouflage the imperfections you may have.

Get a Tan

You can prepare for bikini season by getting a tan early. You can obtain this through self-tanner or going to a tanning bed. However, there are many camouflaging abilities of a tan that may be able to help you disguise certain imperfections you have.

The fact is that bikini season does not have to be a cause of concern or stress. Instead you can simply focus on eating right and exercising regularly in order to be prepared for warmer weather. Chances are you may also be interested in taking supplements that will give your toing efforts a boost. One option can be found at The product here will help provide that added boost to get you prepared for bikini season and be completely confident when you walk out on the beach in this season’s swimsuit. Remember, it is only safe to lose approximately two to three pounds a week, any more can very dangerous for your body.