Black River Imaging Makes Great Ornaments

ornamentsBlack River Imaging provides a wide variety of services that utilize the images you already own. During this festive season one of the most popular services that this company offers is creating custom metal ornaments. These ornaments are excellent pieces that are sure to excite whoever you give the ornament to.

The metal ornaments are an extremely fun way to share images of your life with friends and family. It is extremely easy to create these ornaments. All you have to do is send your pictures to Black River Imaging and they will craft a beautiful metal ornament for you.
The ornament is made using special high heat technology. This technology fuses the image you made onto metal. These images will look just like photographs and they will look amazing on a tree.

In this time of rampant consumerism it is important to think about the environment while purchasing your gifts. Black River is an extremely eco-friendly company. All of the ornaments that they make are printed on recycled aluminum. You can rest easy knowing that the ornament you are ordering is made out of recycled material.

The metal ornaments that this site makes come in two different sizes. Both of these sizes are relatively small as these are meant to hang on your Christmas tree. There is a 3.5 inch by 4.5 inch size along with a square 4 inch by 4 inch ornament. These sizes are meant to be compact enough to go on a tree, but large enough that your loved ones can see the details of the image on the tree.

The shape of the ornament is also extremely important to many people. Black River imaging gives its users the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of shapes. The shapes include a Christmas tree, a bell, an oval, and other great shapes. The ability to customize the shape of your ornament is one of the coolest things about this site. You are sure to be happy with the customization options that this site gives you.

It is possible that you might want to give your loved ones an ornament that they could use all year round. Most people do not always have a fridge to display their ornament, so Black River offers the option of putting a magnet back on the ornament. With a magnet back on your ornament your loved ones will be able to put the ornament on the fridge when the holidays are over and they look at it all year round.

Overall Black River imaging gives you a wide variety of options to craft the perfect ornament to give to all of your loved ones. The wide variety of customization options and the fact that this is an eco-friendly gift make these ornaments a great buy.

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