Choose Supplements from LifeVantage and Maximize Your Potential

ll3It seems like it is harder to take care of your body today than it has been in the past. This is largely because of the never ending demands on a person’s time and the overwhelming desire to succeed in virtually every area of life. All of this is great, but it can do a real number on your body. When you are constantly pushing to achieve a new goal, work longer hours than everyone else or you are only sleeping a few hours a night, your body can quickly start to pay the price. In the end, it can range from simply not feeling well or being more susceptible to the common cold to having serious and even potentially life-threatening medical conditions.

Obviously, one of the most effective ways to deal with the problem is to rest more and get more sleep. However, that isn’t always possible, especially for an individual who is taking care of a number of family members who are depending on their paycheck to get by. The professional and familial demands that exist in this type of situation can often overwhelm an individual. The bigger problem is that there isn’t always an easy way out of the situation. Sometimes, you simply have to do what needs to be done regardless of how difficult it might seem to be.

Fortunately, there are supplements that you can take that can help you achieve everything you need to do, even when you are doing enough for two or even three people at a time. If you take these supplements from LifeVantage, you might be surprised how quickly begin to feel better. The truth is, you can start to feel more energetic and even feel more like you did in your youth. Before you know it, you might be getting more benefits from restful sleep or even utilizing the nutrition that you ingest in a much more efficient manner, thereby giving you the energy you need to do everything else.

There is certainly no doubt that taking the right supplements can make all the difference in the world when it comes to a person’s health. When you choose supplements wisely, you might be able to stave off certain illnesses or even reverse the symptoms of some illnesses that you have already been dealing with. Either way, it is something that is absolutely vital for continued good health. This is true for any individual but if you happen to be one of those people who have multiple individuals depending on you, it is more important than ever. Therefore, it is vitally important that you take advantage of having access to the best supplements and that you work with your healthcare professional to choose the ones that can help you the most.

How does Soda Effect your Teeth

pouring_soda            I’m sure we can all agree that we want to take good care of our teeth. But something that may be a part of your regular diet can be going against your goal of taking care of your teeth and actually destroying them. What is this common item you ask? Soda. Although extremely tasty, and a beverage that a lot of individuals enjoy, it is damaging to your teeth. According to an article by Fox News last Summer, soda, especially diet soda, is highly acidic so it wears away at your teeth’s enamel which is a protective layer preventing an onslaught of cavities, cracks and discoloration. The acidic nature of soda isn’t the only problem, the high amounts of sugar wear down your teeth and cause them to decay quicker than they would naturally over the course of your life. If we switch over to what Colgate, a leading toothpaste brand has to say, in extreme cases soda can even lead to tooth loss for an individual. This is scary to think about since chances are most of us drink soda on a regular or somewhat regular basis. Not to mention our children and teens who sometimes drink multiple servings every day!

What can be done to help reverse the adverse affects of soda on our teeth? One suggestion is to switch up our drink of choice. As hard as it might be try to limit your soda consumption to only a couple servings per week or cut it out completely if you have the willpower. If you do choose to drink a soda, make sure to rinse your mouth out with water after finishing your beverage to help remove the sugar and acid from hanging around on your teeth. A third habit you can get into is using fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash. I know I personally brush my teeth with regular toothpaste in the morning and use fluoride in the evening. It is vital to brush your teeth twice a day for about two minutes each time. Make sure you brush on all sides of your teeth, front, back, and bottoms to ensure they are always clean. Also, don’t forget to brush your tongue as well. Furthermore, it is vital to regularly floss your teeth. This habit helps to clean your teeth from where your toothbrush can’t reach. Just like being aware of what you drink, it is vital to choose what you eat wisely too. Don’t snack constantly because this gives plaque a chance to build up in your mouth and on your teeth. A good snack for helping teeth is to eat cheese or milk. This is because they are alkaline and it helps to eat away at the acids on your teeth from other foods. Eat lots of vegetables and drink plenty of water. Like sugary foods, avoid fruit juice as much as possible because they are full of acids. Getting regular cleanings and check-ups can help prevent cavities or detect them earlier before then can have the chance to grow into bigger problems. Mountain View Dental understands this and is ready to be of assistance. So be proud of your mouth and take good care of it! You are in the most control of how healthy your teeth are, so don’t shirk your responsibility!

Why Regular Dental Visits are Essential

Why Regular Dental Visits are EssentialI’m sure if you care about your teeth and the health of your mouth, you already believe that regular dental visits are essential. The American Dental Association recommends dental visits every 6 months. These visits are important because they help to maintain the health of your teeth and gums. During a checkup the dental hygienist will first clean your teeth. They will remove any plaque or tartar that has built up over time, polish your teeth, and then finish it off by flossing your teeth. During this time of cleaning your hygienist might review with you your habits of brushing and flossing. They might also recommend different techniques as they see fit.

Once your teeth are good and clean, the dentist will come in and do his examination. James Parsey DDS is a great example of a top notch dentist. He will examine your gums, look for any sign of gum disease, check for any loose teeth, examine your tongue, check out your bite, look for any evidence of tooth decay, check for any damaged fillings, and take note of any cavities or problem areas in your mouth and discuss options with you. Although you might not have thought about this, good oral health can trickle over into good overall health. Not only will good and healthy teeth help give you a confident smile, it is also important to understand that bacteria from gum disease can actually travel to other parts of your body so you will want to be regularly check in order to nip any disease in the bud.

Keep in mind that regular dental visits aren’t a sure fire way to avoid any problems with your mouth. You need to be proactive during the time between checkups. Make sure to brush your teeth twice a day preferably with fluoride toothpaste. When brushing your teeth make sure to also scrub your tongue. You also want to regularly floss and use a mouthwash to get rid your mouth of potential buildup of bacteria. Although it has been recommended to visit the dentist every 6 months, individuals should consult with their dentist to identify any risk factors that necessitate more regular visits to maintain good oral health.

What are Aortic Aneurysms?

What are Aortic Aneurysms?In today’s world, there are numerous heart related diseases that have taken over many people around the world. One of these heart diseases that have cultivated the world today is the illness called an aortic aneurysm. An aortic aneurysm is a packed lump in the aorta, which is the body’s main artery. This section of the body carries blood that is rich in oxygen from the heart to the whole body. If an aneurysm forms inside the artery, the artery will stretch until it flares and erupts. This will result in a serious injury due to bleeding and may even cause fatality. The body can be presented with this condition in the upper body and stomach area, as this illness tends to happen most in these two sections. The following are some of the causes and symptoms that are carried by this illness.

The aorta has very elastic walls that stretch and flex in order to pass blood through the body. Since many medical problems that relate to the heart exist today, an aorta is bound to be one of the most dangerous of them all. Some of the causes of an aorta being bulged can range from high blood pressure to even the hardening of the arteries. These illnesses along with aging can cause a bulging aorta that has extremely weak walls and that can cause a dangerous flare inside the aorta. Some of the symptoms of a bulging aorta are mute, as only a few shows any sign when someone has this illness. Usually, a bulging aorta is found when a doctor has to check on a patient’s physical exams and fortunately notices this illness inside a patient. A few of the scarce symptoms would be chest or back pain, but nothing else that can be considered a constant symptom. A non-constant symptom would come from a ruptured aorta which would lead to severe pain and even death. A stroke is also possible when one has a bulging aorta, as the aorta can get clogged and lead to a blood clot that travels to the brain. Luckily, this illness can be diagnosed and treated with the medical advances we have today.

This illness can be diagnosed with physical exams or tests done for other parts of the body. Most likely, this illness can be diagnosed with a small screening test for aneurysms. With a screening test for aneurysm, a doctor can look to see a person’s body and confirm if they have a certain disease before it shows any symptoms. Considered to be an aging disease, this illness can be mostly among people who are at a higher age. Doctors specify that people who are 60 years of age and have had a history of smoking should take a screening in order to safely diagnose a possible aneurysm. Treatments occur with both a small and large aneurysm, as both of these are considered a serious threat to one’s health. A small aneurysm can be treated with most high blood pressure medicines prescribed by a doctor. A larger aneurysm is treated with surgery in order to stop it from growing.
Having an aneurysm within the aorta can be deadly, but it can also be easily diagnosed in order to prevent any damage to be done. Whenever one is in need of screening or a surgery, experts on aneurysms are always available.

Teen Drub Abuse

Children drinkingDrug abuse is a problem that plagues individuals from all walks of life and teens are no exception. There are more teens fighting drug abuse today than ever before which has made the drug rehab centers in NC extremely important. If there is anything important to the recovery of a drug addict, it would have to be an effective drug rehab.

When an individual begins using drugs to hide their true feelings and emotions, they must maintain this facade by continuing to use the drugs and in many cases, must increase the use as time passes by. As the drug use continues, it must be used in higher doses in order to obtain the same effect. At this point, there is no way of breaking free of the hold that drugs will have on an addict except to get into an effective drug rehab.

Drub rehabs provide structure and discipline to a situation that completely lacks anything resembling order. This is because drug abuse is a problem resulting partly from a total lack of desire to succeed. The effects of drug use are used primarily to hide one’s emotions and avoid any kind of responsibility. This is where a drug rehab comes in handy and this is where a drug rehab can make the most difference.

When a teen has become a victim of drug abuse, a drug rehab specializing in drug abuse by teens is the only way to experience change. This is because a drug rehab for teens will provide a source of structure and discipline for the teenager whose life drug abuse has removed it from. Teenagers are already at the most impressionable point in their lives and are typically lacking in these two important areas to begin with.

So a drug rehab teaches the addicted teen to take responsibility for their actions and to make the appropriate changes that will be necessary in beating the effects of the drug abuse. It also teaches the addicted teen that their lives are worth much more than they were probably led to believe up until this particular point. Lack of self esteem is generally a big problem among teenagers abusing drugs.

It is important to understand, however, that drugs aren’t particular about who they control. Adults experience the same controling effects of drugs and as a result, experience the same difficulties when it comes to breaking the hold that drugs will have on an addict. Drug rehabs are just as important for adult abusers as they are for the teenager addict.

If drugs have become a problem, there is no better place to begin the recovery process than with an effective drug rehab.

Common Allergy Symptoms

Common Allergy SymptomsDry eye is one of the most common eye disorders often characterized by the inability of your eyes to produce sufficient or the right quality of tears to keep your eyes comfortable and healthy. There are several possible causes of such a disorder, including extended use of contact lenses and other health complications associated with fluid production in your body. Anyone can experience dry eye but it’s more common among women, predominantly after menopause. Living with dry eyes can be quite a challenge, but for mild conditions, the following dry eye remedies based on tips for how to care for dry eyes will surely help remedy your condition.

Tip #1 : Avoid too much air movement

Exposure to wind or too much air movement from hair dryers and fans can accelerate the rate at which your eyes dry up. It is for this reason that you should limit your exposure to them. For instance, wear a pair of wraparound sunglasses if you are going to be outdoors on a windy day to minimize the chances of wind blowing directly into your eyes.

Tip #2: Give your eyes a rest

Restrain from overindulging in activities that make your eyes feel dry. For instance, if watching television, using a computer or any other electronic device for extended periods makes your eyes become dry, therefore you should give them a rest. This allows your eyes to regain the moisture lost.

Tip #3: Use a humidifier

Basically, dry air can cause your eyes to become dry, especially during winter. Using a humidifier adds some moisture into the air and hence help to keep your eyes hydrated all the time. However, if you can’t afford a humidifier, then a pan of water on your radiator is a good alternative.

Tip #4: Avoid cigarette smoke

Smoking or exposing yourself to second-hand smoke can cause serious irritation to your dry eyes. You should therefore quit smoking or stay away from cigarette smoke. Smoking not only causes irritation to your dry eyes but also increase the risk of your eyes drying up in the first place.

Tip #5: Consider a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids

This is the best alternative for people who do not like artificial tears. Omega 3 fatty acids help in reducing inflammation that can worsen your dry eye condition. According to a recent study, consuming a diet rich in omega 3s can lower the risk of dry eye by up to 40 percent. All you need to do is include foods like fatty fish or omega 3 and flaxseed supplements in your diet. Generally, a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids is one of the safest and healthiest alternatives for how to care for dry eyes.

Tip #5: Apply artificial tears

As mentioned earlier, insufficient tear production is majorly to blame for the dry eyes. Artificial tears contain ingredients such as natural oils and glycerin that help to temporarily restore moisture to your eyes. In most cases, it is the best self-care remedy for people who wear contact-lens. For the best results, put 1 to 2 drops of artificial tears in each eye whenever you feel discomfort. However, if you are the type of person who applies it more than 4 times daily, then you need to see a doctor.