Getting A Root Canal

root-canalMention the word root canal and most people cringe without really even knowing what it is. A Root Canal in San Jose can be met with professionals who are properly trained in making sure that every aspect of the procedure is done properly. A root canal is a common dental procedure that most dentists’ office does on a daily basis.

When a tooth become infected, often just pulling the tooth is not an always a safe option. When infection builds up inside the gums, pulling the tooth can release this infection into the bloodstream and be deadly to the patient. A dentist will insist on a round of antibiotics to clear up any infection before they do this surgical method.

Before a person can begin to understand a root canal, they must have some knowledge of a tooth’s anatomy. For starters, the tooth is a hollow object that is made up of numerous internal layers. The layer that we see and brush on a daily basis is the enamel. The enamel is one of the strongest and most durable substances inside the body. Cementum is the substance that decays in a tooth and it is beneath the gum line. This is the area that causes tooth aches. The dentin is located right under the cementum and has many nerves located inside. When the decay reaches the dentin area, excruciating pain can be felt. Finally, there is another layer located under the dentin called the pulp. In this area is all sorts of interesting things, but it is basically the life of the tooth. When the decay reaches this point, the tooth is no longer getting the nourishment that it needs. The pulp will notify the pain receptors in the body that decay is present.

A root canal will remove the infected pulp area and can save the tooth. Many are surprised to find out that their tooth can live and be just fine without the pulp inside. If a cavity is let go, over time the decay will progress and reach the internal layers of the tooth. If the decay continues to progress, the pain receptors will eventually no longer be intact and pieces of the tooth will begin to chip away.

Many people fear the root canal but should not. While it is considered a surgical procedure, it is completely safe. Some people don’t even know that they need a root canal until their teeth become super sensitive to hot and cold beverages. There may be no signs of decay on the outside, but the sensitivity can tell a deeper story on what is going on inside. A root canal is a last resort to save an adult tooth before pulling it.

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