Getting Your Heirloom Jewelry Refurbished


Expensive jewelry has a unique aspect about it. Its stylish design gives you a beautiful look that has people’s heads turning. One can tell your status in life from the jewelry you wear. On the other hand, it is not a perishable commodity. As such, there are people who hold jewelry items that were once worn by their great-grandparents. In order to keep your gold, diamond and silver jewelry collection shining, you need to have it refurbished. Probably your great granny never had time to polish that necklace you inherited from her. On the other hand, a piece might fall out; get a crack or a chip. You cannot afford to ignore this. You need to find a reputable jewelry repair shop where they will fix the defect.

Antique jewelry refurbishes

Usually, it is recommended that you take your prized possession back to the place where you bought it for repairs. They will do it for free especially if the warranty is still in force. However, this is not possible with antique jewelry. The shop where your mom or any other person bought the jewelry may have wound up its operations. At most, your ageing relative cannot even recall where he/she bought the item from. All the same, Mitchum Jewelers can offer this service. All you have to do is take the item to their outlet. They will examine your pieces before giving an estimate of how much it would cost to have them repaired.

Jewelry restoration

In most cases, inherited jewelry items are not meant to be worn. You keep them as a way of retaining the family’s heritage. What makes them more valuable is the fact your family has had them for ages now. However, you should know that some restorative processes can lead to lowering of value in your collection. What happens is that the jeweler will apply a choice method that will result in a total change of a hitherto old piece. There will be alterations of the original piece. You need not worry especially if you are dealing with a reputed jeweler. Make sure you understand the restoration process before you consent to it.

How to approach jewelry refurbishment

Jewelers have a number of choices when refurbishing a valuable collection. They might decide to conserve, repair or restore it. Usually, a jeweler will ask you the use to which you want to put the refurbished item. He then assesses the items in order to determine where the fault is. The damage will direct a restoration expert on what he needs to do.  The process is complicated and requires a lot of expertise. The restorers are supposed to give you a breakdown of worst and best case scenarios, the time it will take and the results you should expect.

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