How to Fix a Dental Crown

A loose or removed dental crown is not only embarrassing, but it can become difficult to eat or drink because the site is sensitive and irritated. Depending on when your crown became loose and fell off it might not always be possible to visit your local dentist to have it refitted and cemented back into your mouth. There are emergency dentists in Detroit that can take walk in patients and provide you with the necessary care and treatment to have your crowns replaced properly. If your dental crown does fall out and you are left without many options, make sure you do the following.

If you have a dental crown that is simply loose but has not yet fallen out, it is only a matter of time before the cement gives entirely and the crown lets go. It is best to try and schedule a visit to your dentist or get to an emergency dentist in Detroit before it actually falls out to prevent any further damage to the crown, post or yourself. Until then it is important that you avoid chewing with that part of your mouth, which can cause the crown to fall out faster and in a way that breaks off more of your existing tooth.

Once a crown has fallen out entirely, it is imperative that it is fixed and seen by a dental professional. All care should be taken to not swallow or ruin your other teeth by accidentally biting down on the crown when it falls out. Remove the crown from your mouth and thoroughly rinse to make sure that any debris from the cement is washed away. Use a toothbrush to gently clean out the interior of the cap which might contain old cement and bits of your decayed tooth. Place the crown in a safe spot so that when you do get into a dentist or other dental specialist they will easily and quickly be able to replace the dental crown.

Once you have secured an appointment to see a dentist and have your crown repaired, you can relax as it is replaced and secured to your mouth. Generally your dentist will clean out the crown, disinfect your mouth and the post to ensure that no bacteria remains behind and then apply a bonding cement to the crown and set it. You will need to refrain from eating or drinking for a couple hours in order to allow the crown to bond properly and remain in place, but as soon as this step is completed you are able to chem and eat once again. Anytime you feel that your crown is loose or in danger of falling out, seek dental care immediately. 

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