Keeping Your Kids Active

active_kidsWell, many families have now officially made it through just a few weeks of school being out and are already looking for a new activity for their little ones to try this summer. It is the second most wonderful time of the year, and kids across the country are loving time at the pool, enjoying staying up late, and having lots of picnics in the park. What are some other ideas for keeping your little ones active this summer?

1. Check out gymnastics classes in charlotte to teach your children balance, flexibility, and strength. There are classes suitable for all ages, and everyone seems to have a good time.

2. Are there any summer camps, day camps, or vacation bible schools that your kids might be interested in attending? Camp does not have to be a far-away sleep away camp to fit the bill. You can even host a sleepover and let your child and a few friends pitch a tent in the backyard and cookout. Roast marshmallows, tell ghost stories, the whole bit.

3. Go roller skating at the matinee at your local rink.

4. Check out buy one get one days at your local amusement or water park.

5. Go play miniature golf and go for an ice cream treat afterwards.

6. Come up with a scavenger hunt for the neighborhood kids to take part in! This is something that everyone will be talking about for years to come since it is so much fun! Speaking of neighborhood games, how about that old favorite – hide and go seek?

7. Get a little bit out of town for the day and enjoy a great hike at your state park. Pack a picnic lunch.

8. If possible, get out on the lake or out on the ocean. This is the perfect time to find the opportunity to teach your child how to waterski or how to swim.

9. Speaking of getting out of town, pick a place on the map that is close to you but that you have never been before. Spend the day exploring the town on foot and creating a new memory.

10. The pool makes it back on the list. So many calories are burned playing in the pool. You do not even have to swim laps. Dive for rings, play Marco Polo, or play Sharks and Minnows. All of these pool games will keep kids active the entire afternoon.

All of these activities are so great for family bonding, for building memories, and for maintaining personal fitness goals. Summer is the best time of the year to play outside longer, eat fresher food, and enjoy a better quality of life!

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