Key Tips to the Perfect Shave

Key Tips to the Perfect ShaveShaving a man’s beard is a disputable subject. Some men enjoy having a broad beard while others prefer to be clean shaven. However one thing all men can agree upon is they hate that aftershave feeling. Here are a couple of tips on the art of shaving, whether it’s an extensive beard or a meagre five o’clock shadow.

One of the most important tips is making sure your facial hair is wet. If that beard isn’t thoroughly wet it’s possible to get some irritation or razor burn. It’s well known that wet hair is weaker hair, so when it comes to shaving making sure the facial hair is weak is crucial. Which is why several men shave while they’re showering, but sometimes showering isn’t an option. So rinsing the face several times and then applying a warm moist towel to the face for several minutes is the next best solution. Shaving a cold face or applying shaving products to a waterless face will usually lead to razor burns or rashes.

When it comes to shaving cream make sure to read what the product contains. Most men won’t read the ingredients and will sometimes be left with an irritated shaving experience. Make sure the shaving cream has a high amount of lubricants and moisturizers. The lesser the foam means the better the quality of the shaving cream. Keep in mind that it’ll prolong the life of the blade, and of course prevent irritation and nicks. A huge tip that most men don’t follow is keeping the shaving cream on the skin for a couple of minutes before shaving.

Another handy utensil that several men live without is a shaving brush. After applying the shaving cream it’s ideal to use the shaving brush to brush it across the facial hair in a circular motion. The shaving brush will help provide an even closer shave as it raises the facial hair for a closer shave. When purchasing a shaving brush, make sure the brush is soft to help the shaving cream create a plush froth but also resistant to help raise the facial hair for the closer shave.

Of course the key ingredient for the perfect shave is a great razor blade. A great razor blade is always sharp because facial hair isn’t the only thing the razor blade is removing. The blade is also removing coatings of surface skin. Of course without a sharp blade the man is prone to razor burn and rashes. Make sure to always rinse the blade in hot water before the shave, and after every swipe. Also another point most men fail at, never keep a razor blade longer than two weeks. Once that two week mark hits the blade usually becomes dull.

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