Black River Imaging Makes Great Ornaments

ornamentsBlack River Imaging provides a wide variety of services that utilize the images you already own. During this festive season one of the most popular services that this company offers is creating custom metal ornaments. These ornaments are excellent pieces that are sure to excite whoever you give the ornament to.

The metal ornaments are an extremely fun way to share images of your life with friends and family. It is extremely easy to create these ornaments. All you have to do is send your pictures to Black River Imaging and they will craft a beautiful metal ornament for you.
The ornament is made using special high heat technology. This technology fuses the image you made onto metal. These images will look just like photographs and they will look amazing on a tree.

In this time of rampant consumerism it is important to think about the environment while purchasing your gifts. Black River is an extremely eco-friendly company. All of the ornaments that they make are printed on recycled aluminum. You can rest easy knowing that the ornament you are ordering is made out of recycled material.

The metal ornaments that this site makes come in two different sizes. Both of these sizes are relatively small as these are meant to hang on your Christmas tree. There is a 3.5 inch by 4.5 inch size along with a square 4 inch by 4 inch ornament. These sizes are meant to be compact enough to go on a tree, but large enough that your loved ones can see the details of the image on the tree.

The shape of the ornament is also extremely important to many people. Black River imaging gives its users the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of shapes. The shapes include a Christmas tree, a bell, an oval, and other great shapes. The ability to customize the shape of your ornament is one of the coolest things about this site. You are sure to be happy with the customization options that this site gives you.

It is possible that you might want to give your loved ones an ornament that they could use all year round. Most people do not always have a fridge to display their ornament, so Black River offers the option of putting a magnet back on the ornament. With a magnet back on your ornament your loved ones will be able to put the ornament on the fridge when the holidays are over and they look at it all year round.

Overall Black River imaging gives you a wide variety of options to craft the perfect ornament to give to all of your loved ones. The wide variety of customization options and the fact that this is an eco-friendly gift make these ornaments a great buy.

How does Soda Effect your Teeth

pouring_soda            I’m sure we can all agree that we want to take good care of our teeth. But something that may be a part of your regular diet can be going against your goal of taking care of your teeth and actually destroying them. What is this common item you ask? Soda. Although extremely tasty, and a beverage that a lot of individuals enjoy, it is damaging to your teeth. According to an article by Fox News last Summer, soda, especially diet soda, is highly acidic so it wears away at your teeth’s enamel which is a protective layer preventing an onslaught of cavities, cracks and discoloration. The acidic nature of soda isn’t the only problem, the high amounts of sugar wear down your teeth and cause them to decay quicker than they would naturally over the course of your life. If we switch over to what Colgate, a leading toothpaste brand has to say, in extreme cases soda can even lead to tooth loss for an individual. This is scary to think about since chances are most of us drink soda on a regular or somewhat regular basis. Not to mention our children and teens who sometimes drink multiple servings every day!

What can be done to help reverse the adverse affects of soda on our teeth? One suggestion is to switch up our drink of choice. As hard as it might be try to limit your soda consumption to only a couple servings per week or cut it out completely if you have the willpower. If you do choose to drink a soda, make sure to rinse your mouth out with water after finishing your beverage to help remove the sugar and acid from hanging around on your teeth. A third habit you can get into is using fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash. I know I personally brush my teeth with regular toothpaste in the morning and use fluoride in the evening. It is vital to brush your teeth twice a day for about two minutes each time. Make sure you brush on all sides of your teeth, front, back, and bottoms to ensure they are always clean. Also, don’t forget to brush your tongue as well. Furthermore, it is vital to regularly floss your teeth. This habit helps to clean your teeth from where your toothbrush can’t reach. Just like being aware of what you drink, it is vital to choose what you eat wisely too. Don’t snack constantly because this gives plaque a chance to build up in your mouth and on your teeth. A good snack for helping teeth is to eat cheese or milk. This is because they are alkaline and it helps to eat away at the acids on your teeth from other foods. Eat lots of vegetables and drink plenty of water. Like sugary foods, avoid fruit juice as much as possible because they are full of acids. Getting regular cleanings and check-ups can help prevent cavities or detect them earlier before then can have the chance to grow into bigger problems. Mountain View Dental understands this and is ready to be of assistance. So be proud of your mouth and take good care of it! You are in the most control of how healthy your teeth are, so don’t shirk your responsibility!

Understanding Preterm Birth

pregnantApproximately 1 in 8 pregnancies results in preterm birth. Preterm refers to any baby delivered before week 37, with full-term pregnancies going to 40 weeks.

The last few weeks of a pregnancy are very significant to a baby’s development. Because many of the baby’s systems have not had time to completely develop, the earlier a baby is delivered the more severe the health problems could be. For instance, babies born extremely preterm might experience problems with eating and digesting, auditory impairment, visual problems, respiratory issues, cerebral palsy, and neurological problems. For those born exceptionally early, these are health issues that may linger for life. Babies delivered closer to their anticipated due date, yet still considered preterm, may have jaundice, respiratory issues and require a more extensive stay in the hospital than a child delivered at full term.

Preterm labor most often begins without warning and with no known reason. Some indications that a woman could be experiencing premature labor would include contractions, cramps similar to those experienced during a period, cramps not accompanied by loose stools, pressure in the pelvis, a backache felt low in the back, and any change in a woman’s discharge. If any of these signs are noticed a woman should see her ob-gyn for care immediately.

Some things an expectant mother can do to have the healthiest pregnancy possible include not smoking, tobacco cessation if she does smoke, having good medical care prior to getting pregnant, and of course seeing her ob-gyn faithfully during her pregnancy. Other ways to have a healthy, full-term pregnancy include eating a healthy diet, and controlling high blood pressure and diabetes. Even when a woman does all of the above a preterm birth can occur.

There are some risk factors to be aware of concerning preterm births. On average, African-American women are 50% more apt to deliver prematurely than their Caucasian counterparts. Women carrying multiple babies are also at higher risk than women carrying one baby. Women who have cervix or uterus problems are at greater risk, as are those with long-term health problems. Tobacco use also raises the risk of preterm delivery.

While most pregnancies go full term and result in a healthy baby, it is important for women to be knowledgeable about preterm birth, be aware of the signs and know what to do should preterm labor occur. Seeking appropriate medical care from an ob-gyn throughout pregnancy is an important step in delivering a healthy, full-term baby.

Getting Your Heirloom Jewelry Refurbished


Expensive jewelry has a unique aspect about it. Its stylish design gives you a beautiful look that has people’s heads turning. One can tell your status in life from the jewelry you wear. On the other hand, it is not a perishable commodity. As such, there are people who hold jewelry items that were once worn by their great-grandparents. In order to keep your gold, diamond and silver jewelry collection shining, you need to have it refurbished. Probably your great granny never had time to polish that necklace you inherited from her. On the other hand, a piece might fall out; get a crack or a chip. You cannot afford to ignore this. You need to find a reputable jewelry repair shop where they will fix the defect.

Antique jewelry refurbishes

Usually, it is recommended that you take your prized possession back to the place where you bought it for repairs. They will do it for free especially if the warranty is still in force. However, this is not possible with antique jewelry. The shop where your mom or any other person bought the jewelry may have wound up its operations. At most, your ageing relative cannot even recall where he/she bought the item from. All the same, Mitchum Jewelers can offer this service. All you have to do is take the item to their outlet. They will examine your pieces before giving an estimate of how much it would cost to have them repaired.

Jewelry restoration

In most cases, inherited jewelry items are not meant to be worn. You keep them as a way of retaining the family’s heritage. What makes them more valuable is the fact your family has had them for ages now. However, you should know that some restorative processes can lead to lowering of value in your collection. What happens is that the jeweler will apply a choice method that will result in a total change of a hitherto old piece. There will be alterations of the original piece. You need not worry especially if you are dealing with a reputed jeweler. Make sure you understand the restoration process before you consent to it.

How to approach jewelry refurbishment

Jewelers have a number of choices when refurbishing a valuable collection. They might decide to conserve, repair or restore it. Usually, a jeweler will ask you the use to which you want to put the refurbished item. He then assesses the items in order to determine where the fault is. The damage will direct a restoration expert on what he needs to do.  The process is complicated and requires a lot of expertise. The restorers are supposed to give you a breakdown of worst and best case scenarios, the time it will take and the results you should expect.

Finding the Best Photographer for Senior Photos

Finding Unique Fabric To Work WithEverything is critical for seniors, including their clothes, social lives, status symbols, group identity and individuality. Senior class photos need to capture these young adults at their best in an image that says who they are at a glance. Only a photographer who will take the time to get to know the individual senior class student will be able to create images that are both stunning and meaningful.

Find a photographer with a large portfolio of senior class photo shoots. Look closely at the scenes, props, clothing, hair, makeup and lighting. Does each photo in the portfolio convey a feeling about who the students are? An example of a diverse portfolio that is unique to each senior photo shoot is found at A photographer should also be open to location shoots if the weather is agreeable. A true professional photographer will have portable lighting equipment suitable for most indoor or outdoor locations.

Those searching for the best senior class photographer should ask to see some pre- and post-edit digital photo samples. The artistry of a professional photographer is part composition, part lighting and part post-editing. Since all seniors want to look their best even if skin blemishes are an issue on the day the photos are taken, a photographer who excels at post-edit software use is best.

Inquiry should be made about the time allotted for the photo shoot to be sure enough time is available for wardrobe changes and retouching makeup. If travel time to each location photo shoot is an issue, the photographer should allow extra time. Expect a travel fee for location shoots.

A professional senior class photographer will also be able to commit to a delivery date for the photo package. Prints are the easiest thing to deliver on time. Specialty items such as fabrics, ceramics and other specialty photo products may take longer to deliver. Allowance for a rain day for location shoots will also delay print delivery.

Those in the market for the best senior photographer should ask who the photographer was for any senior photo they see that they really like. It is likely that a specific photographer’s name in the area will keep popping up. Those who are viewing photographs they like are attracted to a certain style. Finding the photographer that shoots in the desired style is always a good fit.

Finally, check out the senior photographer’s studio. Look for modern equipment and lots of backdrops and props. The latest professional photo equipment includes printed backdrops and floors that can recreate indoor as well as outdoor scenes from rugged to romantic to foreign locales. If a location shoot is not possible, a photographer with a large inventory of printed backdrops, flooring options and props is likely able to create any sort of scene the senior desires.

Tough Family Decisions: Moving to an Assisted Living Facility

Tough Family Decisions: Moving to an Assisted Living FacilityOne of the most difficult decisions that a family can make is deciding if an elderly loved one needs assisted living care. We all desire to remain as independent as possible, but often advanced age or illness limits the ability to care for ourselves. When that time comes we must make a realistic evaluation of whether it is possible for the family member to remain in their home by themselves.

Every decision regarding such care is different. Every individual’s condition and needs are different. Some of the factors that need to be considered are questions like:
1. Mobility; is the loved one able to get around well enough to perform necessary living task? Is the parent falling or confined by an inability to get around?
2. Are they able to take care of themselves medically, taking medicines and following physician’s instructions correctly?
3. Does physical impairment or loss of memory reduce their ability to perform basic hygiene, feeding, and .grooming tasks?
4. Are they able to socialize with friends and neighbors, or does their condition confine them to isolation in their home alone.
There often comes a time when a loved simply can no longer care for themselves, and concern for their physical, mental , and emotional welfare makes some form of assisted living necessary. Once the family has considered the situation and decided that assisted living is appropriate, it is time to consider care options.

Fortunately today, there are many options to pursue in finding quality assisted living care. Today senior communities offer multiple degrees of care and assistance that reflect the differing individual needs of your love ones. The amount of care can be adjusted to meet the changing circumstances your family member may face.

Today there are a host of elder care options available. Assisted living centers like Stuart Lodge, offer residents independent living in an apartment like setting while still being given assistance in their day to day need such as meals, medication, laundry and housekeeping. Stuart Lodge living provides the resident with care and the sense of community vital to mental and emotional well being.

When your family has to face the decision to help a loved one move to an assisted care facility, it’s never easy. The difficulty of dealing with that decision is far less painful, when you know that the one you love so much is receiving the best quality assisted living care available.

Cavity Prevention 101

Cavity Prevention 101A cavity is tooth decay that occurs when various bacteria adhere to the tooth enamel. These acid-producing bacteria are adept at hiding in the tiny spaces between your teeth. A cavity is an infectious type of condition that worsens if unchecked. The best treatment for cavities is prevention.

Prevention begins with diligent daily care. Brushing your teeth remove food debris whose proteins mix with your saliva to form a whitish plaque. This plaque is what cavity causing bacteria love to feed on. You can prevent bacteria from growing by removing what it feeds on by routinely brushing and flossing after every meal, snack or beverage. Your dentist at Genesis Dental will be able to recommend the ideal type of toothbrush and toothpaste for your needs.

In order to remove all food debris, brushing should last for 2 to 3 minutes. Flossing between the teeth is just as important as brushing as the food debris between teeth is not always reachable by brushing. Rinse thoroughly with either an anti-bacterial mouthwash or a fluoride mouth rinse.

It is also necessary to visit your dentist for regular cleaning and checkups. Your dentist will be able to catch tiny spots that you are unable to see and treat them before they become problematic. There are a number of helpful treatments that your dentist at Genesis Dental can provide that will contribute to reduce and/or prevent a cavity.

Treatments that your dentist may recommend could include dental sealants, fluoride treatments and antibacterial treatments. A dental sealant is a plastic coating that your dentist applies directly to the chewing surface of your teeth. This places a protective coating over the tooth effectively sealing it off from cavity causing bacteria. Fluoride treatments may also be recommended, especially if you are not drinking fluoridated water. Your dentist can remedy this lack of fluoride by treating each tooth with a concentrated form of fluoride. Antibacterial treatments are most often advised for those who have certain medical conditions.

What you choose to eat can also assist you in preventing cavities. Limit or eliminate sugar in all forms. Sugar products leave a sticky residue that just loves to cling to tiny grooves in your teeth. If you must chew gum, be sure to select a sugar-free gum. Better yet, satisfy your cravings for sweets with fruit instead. There are foods that help to protect your teeth. They include fruits, vegetables and cheese. Make sure your diet includes plenty of these to ensure you keep your smile healthy and bright.

Picking Out the Perfect Couch

Picking Out the Perfect CouchBuying a new couch can be a tricky process. There are so many different styles and choices, that it can often be overwhelming to figure out which couch you want. Heading to the Furniture Store to buy a couch can often be scary for some people that are hesitant to talk to salesmen about buying a couch. It helps to know exactly what you want, but this is rare when buying a couch. Here are some ideas that can help you pick out a perfect couch.

How big do you need?

Measure the room where the couch will go. This can help you come up with a few ideas for the size of the couch. You don’t want to invest in a couch that is too big or too small for the room. Are you planning to only have the couch in the room, or will you add in some other things like chairs or an ottoman? What about side tables? You need to look at all of your options when you are trying to figure out the size of the couch so you don’t end up with the wrong one.


Are you buying a couch that will go into a room for entertainment needs? Are you looking for a couch that will allow for conversations? You need to decide how the couch will be oriented so you can find the right one. If you want a couch that allows you to relax in front of the TV, you need to make sure you choose a couch that faces in this direction. You should plan on L-shaped couches or semi-circle couches if you want to have game night.


If the room is built for people to sit and relax, plan on a sofa and loveseat along with some large oversized chairs. This allows the room to be set up as a relaxing and conversation room. You aren’t worried about pointing the couches at a TV, rather you are setting them up as an individual item.


Young children can make this decision in a hurry as they often get food on the couches. Couches made out of fabrics are harder to clean than leather materials. Look at the various upholstery options when you are choosing the right couch. You want one that is the right color for the room, but also feels good to touch. Functionality is important as you consider different upholstery options for your couches. Avoid suede if you have kids or pets as suede is easy to stain, and impossible to keep it looking good with pets and kids.

Choose a couch that you feel is comfortable and compliments your home and your style. This is a major purchase, so really take your time until you find the perfect one!

Perfect Shaves Need The Art of Shaving Set

Perfect Shaves Need The Art of Shaving SetWhen a clean and touchable shave is needed, a man needs The Art of Shaving set. With many choices, there is a shaving set for every type of man, too.

If your man likes shine and polish in his shaving sets, consider purchasing a Fusion Chrome ProGlide Power Shaving set with eight blades, a chrome collection razor and brush stand, and a fine badger hair shaving brush.

For those men with limited space, a compact shaving set would be wonderful. How about the Ivory Fusion razor with a compact shaving stand and an ivory colored badger brush? This would fit nicely in a small bathroom area.

A more modern look is available in the Fusion Contemporary Black set. A sleek stand holds a black Fusion razor and a black-handled badger brush. Also comes in an ivory color. This set is available with the Mach 3 razor also.

When the man has monogrammed smoking jackets and towels, wouldn’t an engraved shaving set look great too? The Fusion engraved nickel-plated set comes with a luxury shaving stand, an engraved silvertip badger brush, and an engraved Fusion razor.

When a man has power, he always needs more power. The Power Shave set includes a collection Power Shave razor, a collection customizable stand and a collection badger power brush…all the things powerful men require from their shaving sets. The sets are available in pure or fine choices.

A man preferring a safety razor for his shaving set will be most pleased with the Limited Edition Rose Gold safety razor shaving set with fine brush. This beautiful set comes complete with a double-edged blade safety razor with rose gold handle, a limited edition rose gold shaving brush of fine badger hair and a limited edition stand. This one is a real beauty.

To make the perfect gift set for the perfect guy, consider ordering the Sandalwood essential oil (or any of the other great fragrances) and some of the moisturizing after shave which will leave his face touchably smooth. The moisturizer is available in gel, balm, pump, oil and lotion form. Add in a deep cleansing mask, a facial wash and a 3-piece manicure set for a great gift for that special guy.

Don’t feel like trying to put together a gift shaving set? The Art of Shaving offers sets all packaged and ready to go for any man. Add on any of the items he likes or give the sets just as they are. It couldn’t be easier to give that perfect shave.

Trust the experience of The Art of Shaving for quality products, exclusive collectibles and one-of-a-kind customized gifts. The well-shaved man deserves nothing less than the best products available. Products from The Art of Shaving sets.

Why Regular Dental Visits are Essential

Why Regular Dental Visits are EssentialI’m sure if you care about your teeth and the health of your mouth, you already believe that regular dental visits are essential. The American Dental Association recommends dental visits every 6 months. These visits are important because they help to maintain the health of your teeth and gums. During a checkup the dental hygienist will first clean your teeth. They will remove any plaque or tartar that has built up over time, polish your teeth, and then finish it off by flossing your teeth. During this time of cleaning your hygienist might review with you your habits of brushing and flossing. They might also recommend different techniques as they see fit.

Once your teeth are good and clean, the dentist will come in and do his examination. James Parsey DDS is a great example of a top notch dentist. He will examine your gums, look for any sign of gum disease, check for any loose teeth, examine your tongue, check out your bite, look for any evidence of tooth decay, check for any damaged fillings, and take note of any cavities or problem areas in your mouth and discuss options with you. Although you might not have thought about this, good oral health can trickle over into good overall health. Not only will good and healthy teeth help give you a confident smile, it is also important to understand that bacteria from gum disease can actually travel to other parts of your body so you will want to be regularly check in order to nip any disease in the bud.

Keep in mind that regular dental visits aren’t a sure fire way to avoid any problems with your mouth. You need to be proactive during the time between checkups. Make sure to brush your teeth twice a day preferably with fluoride toothpaste. When brushing your teeth make sure to also scrub your tongue. You also want to regularly floss and use a mouthwash to get rid your mouth of potential buildup of bacteria. Although it has been recommended to visit the dentist every 6 months, individuals should consult with their dentist to identify any risk factors that necessitate more regular visits to maintain good oral health.