Picking Out the Perfect Couch

Picking Out the Perfect CouchBuying a new couch can be a tricky process. There are so many different styles and choices, that it can often be overwhelming to figure out which couch you want. Heading to the Furniture Store to buy a couch can often be scary for some people that are hesitant to talk to salesmen about buying a couch. It helps to know exactly what you want, but this is rare when buying a couch. Here are some ideas that can help you pick out a perfect couch.

How big do you need?

Measure the room where the couch will go. This can help you come up with a few ideas for the size of the couch. You don’t want to invest in a couch that is too big or too small for the room. Are you planning to only have the couch in the room, or will you add in some other things like chairs or an ottoman? What about side tables? You need to look at all of your options when you are trying to figure out the size of the couch so you don’t end up with the wrong one.


Are you buying a couch that will go into a room for entertainment needs? Are you looking for a couch that will allow for conversations? You need to decide how the couch will be oriented so you can find the right one. If you want a couch that allows you to relax in front of the TV, you need to make sure you choose a couch that faces in this direction. You should plan on L-shaped couches or semi-circle couches if you want to have game night.


If the room is built for people to sit and relax, plan on a sofa and loveseat along with some large oversized chairs. This allows the room to be set up as a relaxing and conversation room. You aren’t worried about pointing the couches at a TV, rather you are setting them up as an individual item.


Young children can make this decision in a hurry as they often get food on the couches. Couches made out of fabrics are harder to clean than leather materials. Look at the various upholstery options when you are choosing the right couch. You want one that is the right color for the room, but also feels good to touch. Functionality is important as you consider different upholstery options for your couches. Avoid suede if you have kids or pets as suede is easy to stain, and impossible to keep it looking good with pets and kids.

Choose a couch that you feel is comfortable and compliments your home and your style. This is a major purchase, so really take your time until you find the perfect one!

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