Making the Right Move

After living in a small apartment for five years, we were getting tired of the closed quarters and the constant noise of the city. We did not like the fact that houses and apartments were all crowded together, and we did not see a whole lot of nature. Our spirits were drained, and we needed a change.

The environment has always been important to us, and we tried our best to recycle, upcycle, and conserve energy. The smog was hard to breathe every day and played havoc on my allergies. We longed for farm-to-table produce and not the meager offerings in our local supermarket. We knew that we wanted something different for our lives.

We talked to friends and did some research on property in the country. My brother built a cabin home further upstate, and he invited us to spend a weekend with him. Our children loved all the trees and grass around them and were able to care for the different farm animals my brother had. We breathed fresh air and decided that we were going to move.

After working with a real estate agent for a few months, we were able to find a rustic ranch house that was about ten miles out of town. We negotiated a price and was able to buy it for a few thousand dollars under asking price. There were a few cosmetic things that needed to be done; however, they were minor, and we could do them ourselves. It was the best feeling in the world to sit out on our porch in the shade of maple trees and enjoy nature.

We did a lot of downsizing when we moved. There were a lot of things that we thought we could not live without that suddenly did not seem as important. We went to a popular online selling site and sold a lot of our bigger ticket items. Then, we had a huge moving sale to get rid of other unnecessary things. The rest, we donated to charity. We eliminated all but the basic things we needed.

Part of our downsizing included finding ways to cut our budget. My wife and I do own an online business and depend on good Internet connection. My family also enjoys watching television in the evenings, and we wanted to find a company that has reasonable rates. I am glad that one of our neighbors recommended Bundle TV, from Cable One.

With Bundle TV, we were able to combine our Internet, television, and home phone in one affordable package. They offer dependable, high-speed Internet that our business needs. We were able to choose the tier of favorite television channels, so we are not paying for channels we do not even watch. They offered us a great package that we can upgrade later if we chose. We love our new house and enjoy the benefits of Bundle TV.