The Process of Artificial Tanning

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Tanning is a cosmetic process that has great health results. Currently, the need for cosmetics and the urge for good looks have fueled the demand for tanning services all over the world. In Britain, the tanning beds are also known as sunbeds. Nonetheless, the only difference is the name otherwise the functions are the same. It is a machine that has been designed to emit ultraviolet radiation that can be harnessed to perform cosmetic functions. The machine emits the typical UVA and UVB in just the perfect percentage required for tanning. This is a controlled emission to avoid dreadful and unwanted outcomes in the process.

The tanning industry has been challenged on the issues of safety of tanning but the player in the industry have had quite convincing responses to their opponents. One of the major benefits of using a tanning bed is the effect of the exposure to the UVR rays. The UVR rays are known to increase the production of Vitamin D which in turn influences the skin’s ability to respond to UV radiation. This is a great invention that is expected to solve the problem of Vitamin D production for people whose lifestyles are indoor based. The benefits of using the artificial tanning procedure is that it is a control exposure to radiation. The machine has been controlled to ensure that the amount of radiation emitted matches the amount emitted by the natural sunlight.

This has eliminated the fears that exposure to radiation through the artificial tanning procedures presents a risk to the users. The machines maintains normal level of radiation emitting just as enough radiation as we are naturally exposed to even unintentionally in our day to day lives. The artificial tanning procedure also give the skin a heightened capability ti produce high amounts of vitamin D in less than 10 minutes. This means that even the exposure to the radiation does not last as long as the exposure of radiation form the natural sun. This kind of control is better for cosmetic purposes as well as for health purposes.