Tough Family Decisions: Moving to an Assisted Living Facility

Tough Family Decisions: Moving to an Assisted Living FacilityOne of the most difficult decisions that a family can make is deciding if an elderly loved one needs assisted living care. We all desire to remain as independent as possible, but often advanced age or illness limits the ability to care for ourselves. When that time comes we must make a realistic evaluation of whether it is possible for the family member to remain in their home by themselves.

Every decision regarding such care is different. Every individual’s condition and needs are different. Some of the factors that need to be considered are questions like:
1. Mobility; is the loved one able to get around well enough to perform necessary living task? Is the parent falling or confined by an inability to get around?
2. Are they able to take care of themselves medically, taking medicines and following physician’s instructions correctly?
3. Does physical impairment or loss of memory reduce their ability to perform basic hygiene, feeding, and .grooming tasks?
4. Are they able to socialize with friends and neighbors, or does their condition confine them to isolation in their home alone.
There often comes a time when a loved simply can no longer care for themselves, and concern for their physical, mental , and emotional welfare makes some form of assisted living necessary. Once the family has considered the situation and decided that assisted living is appropriate, it is time to consider care options.

Fortunately today, there are many options to pursue in finding quality assisted living care. Today senior communities offer multiple degrees of care and assistance that reflect the differing individual needs of your love ones. The amount of care can be adjusted to meet the changing circumstances your family member may face.

Today there are a host of elder care options available. Assisted living centers like Stuart Lodge, offer residents independent living in an apartment like setting while still being given assistance in their day to day need such as meals, medication, laundry and housekeeping. Stuart Lodge living provides the resident with care and the sense of community vital to mental and emotional well being.

When your family has to face the decision to help a loved one move to an assisted care facility, it’s never easy. The difficulty of dealing with that decision is far less painful, when you know that the one you love so much is receiving the best quality assisted living care available.

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